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Israel Government’s Advisory to Foreign Caregivers from Abroad

In light of limitations imposed on the entry of foreign citizens into the State of Israel during the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, as well as the need to protect elderly and invalid citizens of Israel who are in a special risk group, foreign caregivers from abroad will not be allowed entry into Israel until further notice.

Along with the above general considerations, this decision was taken in light of special considerations concerning foreign caregivers from abroad, who usually do not have access to private housing aside from the accommodations provided by their elderly or disabled employer. Due to such, it was found that in case of need for quarantine, or for lengthy stay at home medical care for caregivers found to have contracted the virus abroad, the lack of viable solutions for caregiver stay and care may put the general population, as well as the specific population of foreign caregivers who often live together, on weekly rest days, at risk.

In addition, please be aware that PIBA has published new guidelines allowing foreign caregivers in Israel to begin new temporary positions with elderly or handicapped employment permit holders, even if they are between 52-63 months in Israel. As per the new guidelines, the former limitation allowing employment for that group of caregivers only as substitutes for workers on vacation abroad has been lifted until further notice, and those caregivers may now be placed with any employer up to the end of their 63 month period in Israel. In addition, as per the new guidelines, for caregivers placed within the next month, the limitations concerning registration of employment for caregivers in Israel up to 52 months who have not been legally registered for employment for above 90 days, as well as the requirement that caregivers in the 52-63 month group above have not been unemployed over 30 days, will be lifted, subject to registration fo the new employment via a placement agency and PIBA discretion.