Consular Information & Timings Consular Services

Consular Information & Timings

While the visa service has been outsourced, the Embassy continues to render the passport and consular services.

Necessary application forms for passports and other consular services can be obtained from the Embassy. You can download the passport application forms from the Embassy's website also.

For renewal of your Indian passport, any additional endorsement in your passport, attestations or any other consular services, please apply in person to the Consular Section.

Consular Timings

Submission of Documents

0900 hrs to 1200 hrs Monday- Thursday and 0900 hrs to 11.30 hrs on Friday

Delivery of Documents

4 pm - 5 pm Mon - Thu

For any clarification on Indian passports or other consular matters, please send an e-mail to

To speak with an Embassy official on Indian passports or other consular matters, please call 03-7620720 or 03-7620721 between 2pm to 4pm from Monday to Thursday only.

Please call the emergency number 035226748 in case of emergencies like death or critical illness or loss of passports of Indian nationals in Israel. Israelis seeking emergency visa services in serious cases like death or illness of a blood relative in India can also call the emergency number. Please note, this is a 24*7 emergency number and routine queries related to passport status, visa enquiry etc. are not entertained on the emergency number.