Scholarships for Indian Nationals Education

Scholarships for Indian Nationals

Opportunities for Indian students in Israel

Israel has a world-class higher education system, with several universities ranked high globally, and emphasis on innovation and technology. A ready reckoner for foreign students interested in Israel can be found at

The Council for Higher Education (CHE) is the official authority for higher education in Israel and determines policy for the higher education system. The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) of the CHE is responsible for funding of the Israeli system of higher education, including offering scholarships.

The Israeli government has been offering summer scholarships to undergraduate students from India and China since 2013 to spend a month at research institutions in Israel. These scholarships, would however be phased out gradually, and replaced by other funding mechanisms under the internationalization plan of the CHE.

The Israeli government offers seven scholarships to Indian students every year at graduate level: five general scholarships and two for Hebrew language study. The scholarships are offered for eight months (one academic year) to graduate students under the age of 35 to pursue programmes in universities and programs approved by the CHE. The scholarship includes tuition fee; monthly allowance (US$750); and, a basic health insurance, whereas applicants have to arrange for accommodation, transportation and air travel. Scholarships are circulated through the Ministry of Human Resources Development in India.

Since 2012-13, the CHE has offered PBC scholarships for outstanding post-doctoral researchers from China and India in Israeli universities. The programme started with 45 fellowships (of up to three year’s duration) and increased to 55 since 2018-19 cycle, and is offered yearly to outstanding researchers in all academic fields. Guidelines for applications for year 2020-21 are here

In addition to government funding, there are several private funding options/grants available to Indian students and researchers.

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