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Registration of Indian Nationals with Embassy of India

Registration of Indian Nationals with Embassy of India, Tel Aviv, Israel
All Indian nationals living or planning to live in Israel (excepting short term tourists) are advised to register themselves with the Embassy of India, Tel Aviv, Israel. Registration with the Embassy will facilitate any measures that need to be taken in a situation of emergency or if such a need arises. It will also facilitate information availability about various events through our emailing network.

Procedure for registration is given below:

Click here for Online Registration OR

Download and fill in the Registration Form available on this website legibly. Send the hard copy to the Consular Wing, Embassy of India or deposit the same between 0900 and 1200 hrs on any working day along with following documents :-

(a) Two coloured photographs of 3.5x3.5 cm in sky blue background of each member of family;
(b) One copy each of the Passport's first page , last page and current visa page;
(c) Passport of each individual.

2. No fee will be charged for registration. An entry of registration will be made in the passport and it will be returned to the applicant between 1530 and 1630 hours the same day. Submission of papers and collection of passports may either be done in person or through authorized representatives who will be required to produce authority letter and proof of identity.