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Advisory on Fake Calls to Indian Students




It has come to the notice of the Embassy of India, Tel Aviv that fake calls have been made to a few Indian students in Israel, purportedly at the behest of the Embassy, where the caller has tried to elicit personal information and demanded money to ‘fix’ their alleged visa irregularities. It has also come to our notice that the caller is spoofing the Embassy’s landline number (+972-35291999) to make these calls appear legitimate.

2. At the outset it is reiterated that these calls are malicious in nature and are not being made by the Embassy. The Embassy does NOT seek personal information of any kind over the phone and does not have details of visas given to the students by the Israeli authorities. The Embassy is also getting in touch with relevant authorities in Israel on the matter.

3. In the meantime, if such a call is received by any Indian student (or an Indian national), they are advised not to divulge any personal information or make any payment to such callers under any circumstances. They are further advised to immediately inform the police & university administration. The information may also be conveyed to the Embassy of India (cons1.telaviv@mea.gov.in) in this format-Name, Contact details, Date & time of the call, Information sought by the caller & any other relevant details.

4. Your safety and well-being are of paramount importance to us.

Tel Aviv

31 May 2019