Useful information for Indian students in Israel Education

Useful information for Indian students in Israel

Useful information for Indian students in Israel

Please click on the link for list of accredited universities and colleges in Israel.

None of these universities are blacklisted by Embassy of India, Tel Aviv.

2. Though there are no formally registered student associations, several informal groups exist on Facebook. Names of these groups as follows:

  1. Indians in Weizmann
  2. Indians at Hebrew University
  3. Indians@Ben-Gurion University, Beersheva, Israel
  4. Technion Indians
  5. Indians in Volcani Institute
  6. Indians @ Tel Aviv University

3. Officer handling student related matters: Second Secretary Eldos Mathew Punnoose; Tel: 03-6037341 Mobile: 0542804870.

4. Important links: Please click on the link for MADAD Student module. All Indian students in Israel are requested to register on this portal for centralized services offered by Government of India.

5. Useful information:

Joint R&D fund: UGC and Israel Science Foundation set up an India-Israel Joint academic research programme to fund joint academic research projects in 2013. The fund envisages supporting joint research projects between Indian and Israeli researchers and provides up to US$ 180,000 for a theoretical project and up to US$ 300,000 for an experimental project across various fields in addition to providing support to bilateral workshops. The first cycle funded 21 projects in the field of exact sciences and humanities and the second cycle funded 11 projects in the field of life sciences and medical sciences. Topics chosen for the upcoming cycles as follows:

2015/16 - Humanities and Social Sciences, Plant Sciences and Zoology.

2016/17 - Environmental Sciences and Earth Sciences.

September 26, 2016