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Indian Community in Israel
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Indian Community in Israel


There are approximately 85,000 Jews of Indian-origin in Israel. The main waves of immigration into Israel from India took place in the fifties and sixties. The majority is from Maharashtra (Bene Israelis) and relatively smaller numbers from Kerala (Cochini Jews) and Kolkata (Baghdadi Jews). In recent years, some Indian Jews from Mizoram and Manipur (Bnei Menache) have been immigrating to Israel. While the older generation still maintains a deep bonding with India, the younger generation has become increasingly assimilated into Israeli society. 

Shri Eliyahu Bezalel who hails from Chennamangalam, Cochin has distinguished himself as an eminent agriculturalist and became the first Israeli of Indian origin to receive Bhartiya Pravasi Samman in 2005. Sheikh Ansari, an Indian national who manages the Indian Hospice in Jerusalem - a unique Indian connection to the Holy City - was honoured with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman in 2011.

National Convention of Indian Jews in an annual event jointly organized by the four Jewish communities of Indian origin. In 2015, the Convention was organized in Ramla and was attended by almost 4,000 people. The community also organizes several cultural events and other functions throughout the year. The community also publishes Maiboli, a Marathi quarterly. 

There are about 10,000 in Israel, of whom around 9,000 work in the care-giving sector. Rest are diamond traders,  IT professionals, students etc. 

January, 2016

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